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Raising funds for reconstruction of ruined buildings and infrastructure

On a conservative estimate, the war damage to Ukrainian infrastructure during this month has grown to 1,8 trillion UAH.

Just during the first days of the russian invasion, the damage suffered by the Ukrainian infrastructure reached at least 1,8 trillion UAH (62,6 billion USD). The estimate was provided by the KSE experts in collaboration with government by the 17th of March.

Damaged are:

  • 4 431 residential buildings;
  • 548 educational institutions;
  • 135 medical facilities;
  • 8 culture and arts institutions;
  • 26 plants and storages;
  • 15 airports;
  • 6 thermal power plants and hydroelectric stations.

Apart from that, due to the attacks of russian troops Ukraine has lost:

  • more than 15 thousand km of autoroads;
  • 5 thousand km of railroads;
  • 350 bridges and passages.

These calculations are based on analysis of few thousand public statements from civilians, government, and local authorities as for the damage and loss all over the country.

You can join us in raising funds for reconstruction of buildings and infrastructure destroyed.

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