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Getting the Humanitarian Assistance

Ukrainian Legal Advisory Group has prepared a map of destruction of the civil infrastructure caused by the russian troops.

About 6,5 mln of Ukrainians have become internally displaced.

According to sociologists, 53% of Ukrainians who had a job before the war are currently unemployed. 22% work on a regular basis, 21% – work remotely or partially, and only 2% have found a new job.

As a result of the war, 52% of residents claim the sufficient worsening of their economic condition, 28% say it is rather worsening, and only 18% state their condition is unchanged. The income «satisfies» the basic needs of a man, gives a feeling of safety and dampen anxiety and fear of the uncertain future. 40% of those asked think their savings will suffice for one month only.

Have you lost your home? Have you had to run for life? Are you in difficulties? We can help you to get the humanitarian assistance.